Mike Hill 


I wrote, storyboarded and produced a series of web videos to launch a groundbreaking new live quotation system for brokers. Explaining how it worked was complicated by the fact that the software hadn't been built yet. I needed to communicate a large number of features in a short space of time. The software was designed to make life easier and quicker for brokers, so that they could provide their clients with guaranteed prices and swiftly close the deal. The theme of the campaign was 'Revolution', so I chose to shoot this cinematically with actors playing the part of 'revolutionary underground brokers' that had discovered the new system and were recruiting new members. Shot in POV style (as if the viewer was a potential recruit) in the teaser video we get taken to an underground bunker to sign up (we used a clever bit of immersive Flash programming to capture contact details in the middle of the video. By the end the viewer gets an email which looks like the form they just completed in the video). The launch video returns to the bunker and we get to meet the team who take us through the various features of the system rather like 'Q' demonstrating the new gadgets in a Bond film. The next three videos will be available on their website and go into even more detail. The videos were storyboarded and tested on brokers before the shoot and they were highly impressed with the finished videos and keen to start using the system. In addition to our 3 full time personnel, I managed and directed a further 11 crew and 10 cast, I am told that I was great to work with and have a very happy client. Click on the links below

Zurich teaser video          Script          Storyboard

Zurich launch video


Here is an example of a sales document I produced

Pancentric video sales document


This is a recent script used in a pitch for Utilities Warehouse

Bill who?


You can watch other videos in my portfolio. They range in budgets from£1-20k and include internal comms, documentary and drama.

Video portfolio