'Out of Order'

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A comic caper about perfectly-presented stage-star Anna Spencer caught short with nowhere to hide. As she chases through the streets, 
she faces her worst nightmares. Her desperation grows and her famous front slides as she frantically searches for cover. This leads to some highly inappropriate behaviour. 
With a policeman on her tail she crosses the line. Can she overcome her pride or will she find somewhere to hide?

'Dwain Chambers:Life Guru'

Lesson One: Sometimes to get a man out of a dark place, you need to go to another dark place with a man you just met on a bench.


'A Short Film'

This short is in competition for the Smoke and Mirrors 48hr Film Challenge

Three Miles North of Molkom

'The film, deftly photographed by Joseph Russell and Mike Hill, and making exemplary use of site-specific sound, is gorgeous to look at and to listen to. By the end, characters who seemed ineffably strange at first, have become friends about whom we care and worry and cannot stop thinking. This alone makes Three Miles North of Molkom a significant achievement.' The Telegraph

Variety Review

Mummy's Girl

Cinematography by Mike Hill

Megan is ten. She has the same ambitions as most little girls, but her life isn’t exactly turning out like most little girls’ lives do. 

One morning, she’s having a brilliant dream about being the most famous dancer in the world, when she is woken by her Mum, nagging her to get up. However, she’s not being nagged to go to school; she has to do something far more horrible.

Megan spends the day practising her dancing, whilst trying to avoid the weird guy who watches her in the garden and knocks on the front door. 

As darkness falls, Megan takes a very dangerous step in an attempt to please her Mum; but maybe the consequences are exactly what her life, and her dreams, have been needing all this time…

Starring ‘Olivier Bursary’ 2003 winner Jodie Osterland and featuring an astonishing performance from the ten year old newcomer Megan Collins, this is a tale of hope in a desperate situation.