Video is everywhere. Small businesses who ignore it 'do so at their peril'

Chris Trimble's article in The Guardian brings home the power of the moving image in the digital world, but why is it so important and why do small businesses think it's out of reach. In the article it states 'If a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million, so say Forrester's researchers'. I don't know what they're smoking down in the Forrest, but that's a pretty meaningless statistic. Nielsen's claim that ' 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future' is much nearer the mark. Anyway, none of this gives us a clue as to why people are preferring video over the written word. Yes, you can assimilate and retain slightly more information per minute than reading text and looking at graphs/images, but this alone doesn't justify producing a video. It all comes down to psychology,  Dr. Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. has researched how human beings respond to video and came up with 4 main findings. Firstly, we are hard wired to respond to human faces and their multitude of expressions, secondly to the nuances of the human voice, thirdly to body language and finally to motion itself, any motion. The area of the brain that reacts to this information is the Limbic System, the seat of our emotions. It is the same area of the brain that forms 'gut feeling' decisions, and these type of decisions often override our logical, rational ones. So this is why video is so powerful in marketing, but why do many businesses think that it's 'out of their league'? I think that very often it's a hangover from watching a lifetime of TV adverts and expecting to compete with them. On-line video for most companies is not about advertising per se, it's about helping your customers to solve problems and attracting new ones on the way. Having a video on your website should be the tip of the iceberg in marketing terms (I'll leave Inbound marketing for another post). You don't need to have massive budgets to create worthwhile content - you don't even need a camera, those animated charity videos that you see evoke 2 of the 4 responses from Dr Weinschenk's research (Voice and Motion). Just identify what you do well, have a campaign strategy and work with your Video Producer to create something engaging and memorable... and a lot more engaging and memorable than this blog post...

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